From being a sex symbol to an extremely talented artist, this 22 year old sensation is a marketers dream.
One of his most engaging posts on Instagram was a low quality video of him singing with his shirt off, shown below. You can also see his willingness to cause controversy to garner attention. The other post below was one of the most engaging posts on @bars Instagram page.
Gifted shows his versatility with a multitude of styles and flows. He has Days Go By and Electric Soul which appeals to so many non rap lovers.
He has Honey, which amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify and 300k listens on Soundcloud, to appeal to the young trap style listeners.
One of his earlier songs, It's Time, reminds some people of Eminem, with his aggressive and fast paced word play. 
However, Gifted is eager to create his own name, and his own sound. He expanded his versatility even further with his newest track, Death To Mumble Rap. Displaying multiple flows to great effect.
The future is bright for Gifted, and his determination and willingness to surround himself with those he can learn from proves he will make a name for himself in this industry for years to come.